Conférence : « Mental imagery in interpreting: On eye movements and gestures »

par Katarzyna Stachowiak, Department of Interpreting Studies and Audiovisual Translation,  Université de Varsovie

Jeudi 01/03/2018 – 12h - 14h – Département TI – Local 206



« Conference interpreting is intuitively associated with auditory modality, mainly due to the fact that the gist of interpreting is to listen to a source speech and transform it into an equivalent spoken target text. That notwithstanding, interpreting is in fact a multimodal activity. First, due to the fact that interpreters process not only the spoken text, but also the speaker’s slides, body language, their own notes, etc. Second, because even auditory input triggers multimodal processing, executed as the processing of mental representations and images. This processing can be observed in eye movements.

The general aim of the study presented was to demonstrate that processing in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is multimodal and that eye movements can serve as observable markers of that multimodal processing. The study verifies if the level of congruence between visual and auditory input in interpreting has any effect on the participants’ eye movements. 20 professional interpreters and 20 interpreting trainees rendered three texts consecutively and three texts simultaneously, from Polish into English, while the texts were accompanied by different visual stimuli. The outcome indicates multimodal processing in conference interpreting, in both groups. »